On owner change scrip not working (RT3.0.0)

I’d like to have a scrip that would notify me when someone has taken a
ticket on a certain queue, so I set up:

On Owner Change Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Transaction

This used to work when I was using rt-2.1.7?, and I upgraded several times
before getting to rt-3.0.0 (where I am now).

I’m watching my /var/log/maillog file and don’t see anything going out when
I change owners.

Any hints on how to fix this? Or is this a bug?



P.S. I’m using RH 7.2 with Apache 1.3.27 built from source and mod_perl1 and
I’m up to date with sendmail. I do have procmail filtering spam but I don’t
see how that would make a difference. I think things are pretty vanilla
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