On Correpond notify requestors bug

Hi There;
the system is rt-3.6.1 / apache2 /mod_perl 2 /mysql 5

I noticed that the notify requestors action also add the CC’s and mail
them, I checked notify.pm and can’t see why this is happening, any one
else noticed that and have a fix??


Re-sending this … I just noticed that is also a bug on our production
system which is rt-3.4.4 , I am certain the action Notify Requestor
should mean mail the requestors only and do not cc the CCs.
Any help will be good , even if its someone else saying yeah we spotted
this as well.

Roy El-Hames wrote:


We are also on 3.4.4 and we have not had this problem since we 

straightened out our privileges and scrips. If people ARE getting the
notifications, then the action on your scrips needs to be looked at.
Perhaps two (2) notifications are being triggered.


Roy El-Hames wrote:

Thanks Kenneth;
Hmm, blushing with shame, the problem is on my end …sometime in the
past 3 years the correspondence template was changed to include the
RT-CC, so it cc the cc’s.
I completely forgot that you can do that in templates and hence did not
check them … …

Kenneth Crocker wrote: