Oldest/Newest Transaction First (Per User basis)

This is my first RT patch so apologies if it’s not packaged in the best way
possible etc.

Attached is a patch to enable users to change the transaction order of a
ticket on a per-user basis rather than the current global basis.

Rather than use the OldestTransactionFirst variable previously used for the
global setting, I chose to switch to NewestTransactionFirst such that the
default transaction order is kept intact with minimal database inserts.
Note, this patch ignores the Global Transaction order at present.

To apply, cd to the root of your RT install and run:
patch -p0 < rt-3.6.1-newesttransactionfirst.patch
sudo rt-setup-database --datadir $unpackdir --dba root
–prompt-for-dba-password --action schema

I’ve provided the schema changes for Postgres and MySQL. The schema change
adds an integer field ‘NewestTransactionFirst’ to the users table.

Any feedback gratefully appreciated,


Andrew Nicols

rt-3.6.1-newesttransactionfirst.tgz (3.44 KB)