Off-topic question

Hi y’all,

Thanks to the couple of thousand e-mauils that I collected from this
list, I have now installed RT3 :slight_smile:
thanks to all who contributed.

Now I have a bit of an odd request.
When I check the bestpractical site for documentation

I get the following options:

ASCII text
HTML in Chinese

I want to distribute the HTML in Chinese version throughout the office
as a little joke.
Being greek, I cannot exactly say that the documentation is greek to

The problem is that I only installed the English Language when I
installed my RedHat 9.

Is there any automatic way that I can add languages after I have
installed RedHat 9?

This is not mission critical, neither is it going to help me use
RT…but I am thinkign that a little joke about the docs might go a
l0ong way towards getting the rest of the office enthusiastic about
using RT…

so any assistance on this off-tiopic matter would be humorously
appreciated and laughs will be had by all :slight_smile:


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