Oberlay Issues

Hi, guy!
I had the same problem and I discovered that the overlays scope (for the *_Vendor and *_Local files) are in the current directory. If you put an loca/lib/RT/Queue_Local.pm, you’re going to “overwrite” the lib/RT/Queue_Local.pm: you’re not doing the overlay for Queue.pm.
So, you need to copy the lib/RT/Queue.pm to local/lib/RT/Queue.pm, and only after the local copy you develop and see the effect of your overlay. If you want, you could remove all the code from the local/lib/Queue.pm, but it’s necessary to keep the final lines of the file, that activate the File_Vender or File_Local if it exists.


Lucas F. ROsada

I’m sorry, I just discovered you need to keep a copy of lib/RT/Queue.pm without touching in the loca/lib/RT dir. You MUST NOT touch the file, cause it will “overwrite” the original in lib/RT/. Right?


Lucas F. Rosada

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