Ns_authentication.patch 1st hunk fails


Hi there,

I wanted to install the ns_authentication.patch as I’m very interested
in the functionality it provides (authentication against NIS). I have
applied the patch to:
with the patch programm include in Solaris 2.7.
The result:

arbogaan: ~/<5>web # patch -b < ns_authentication.patch
Looks like a new-style context diff.
Hunk #1 failed at line 37.
Hunk #2 succeeded at 114 (offset 47 lines)
Hunk #3 succeeded at 173 (offset 43 lines)
1 out of 3 hunks failed: saving rejects to manipulate.pm.rej

Can anyone help me ??? I’m not good enough in perl-programming to do
this by myself.
Does someone knoww an other we to get this functionality (authentication
against NIS) ???

Thanks Rainer

Rainer Weigle - MPI fuer Meteorologie
040 / 41173 - 373


Can anyone help me ???

The patch above is towards a very old version of RT, probably quite some
work is needed to get it working.

Ask at the rt-devel list if anybody is using this patch and/or if they can

Eventually, unless the user base is changing rapidly, I’d suggest just
copying in the data into the RT user table on the fly. I think the
-getpwent option in the admin tool should work OK with NIS, but I’m not

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