NotifyActor off for one scrip


I’m trying to come up w/ a solution for this workflow…

-Users monitor RT instance via web interface for new tickets.
-When they see a ticket they should own, they grab it.
-An email is generated to the “New Owner” which is also the Actor about
their new ticket (like a receipt for the owner).

So essentially "On Owner Change Notify Owner with template
my_special_template "


I do not want to turn on NotifyActor, because I only want the Actor to
get this email in this one particular instance. Is there an easy way to
do this w/ a custom action, or will I need to modify Notify.PM ?

I also read in some archives that you could set an “Autoreply to Owner”
(since autoreply already ignores owner) buy putting the values directly
into the scripactions table, aka:

INSERT Into ScripActions(Name, Description, ExecModule, Argument,
Creator, Created, LastUpdatedBy, LastUpdated) VALUES (‘AutoReply To
Owner’, ‘Always sends a message to the owner independent of message
sender’, ‘Autoreply’, ‘Owner’, 1, NOW(), 1, NOW());

Alas… that did not work. Thanks for any advice,


oops… I think it would be more accurate to label the subject
"NotifyActor ON for one scrip"