Notifications to requestors who are members of the queue

Hi everybody.

I have installed rt and are trying around with this really nice piece of
software. But I am wondering about one fact:

When I am creating a job via the web interface as a user and queue
member, I am getting an autoreply from the system, that’s fine.

But I also want to have copies of the correspondenc under that subject,
this is not working.

I have read in an older posting in this mailing list (from Sep. 12th,

“You should know that if the requestor is a queue member,
they won’t get the requestor copy.”

Does anyone have any idea how to change this?

(My perl skills are to low on this moment for understanding rt)

Regards, Volker

Volker Dose
Dänische Straße 15 - 24103 Kiel
fon 0431 59 369 0 - fax 0431 59 369 19