Not Parsing HTML

When I start apache and try to visit my rt website, All I get is unparsed

<& /Elements/Header, Title=>“Start page”, Refresh =>
$session{‘home_refresh_interval’} &> <& /Elements/Tabs, current_toptab =>
’’ &>
<& /Elements/CustomHomepageHeader, %ARGS &> <& /Elements/MyTickets &>
<& /Elements/MyRequests &> <& /Elements/Quicksearch &>

<& /Elements/Refresh, Name => ‘HomeRefreshInterval’, Default => $session
{‘home_refresh_interval’} &>

<%init> if ($ARGS{‘HomeRefreshInterval’}) {
$session{‘home_refresh_interval’} = $ARGS{‘HomeRefreshInterval’}; }

I have all the deps installed and up to date. Here is what the inside of my
httpd.conf looks like:

Handler for RT2

Alias /perl/ /user/local/bin/perl/
<Location /perl>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
Options +ExecCGI

  PerlModule Apache::DBI
  PerlFreshRestart On
  PerlRequire /home/rt2/bin/

Alias /rt2/ /home/rt2/WebRT/html/
<Location /rt2>
  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlHandler RT::Mason


I took out the #ifmodule to test if the syntax of the file was correct. I
recompiled mod_perl with apache to try to fix the problem. No changes. Any
ideas on what else to change?

Forrest Stanley