"Non-text message not quoted" still a problem

I am toying with 2.0.6 pre 7, specifically because I was hoping that it
would fix the problem from 2.0.5 that caused comments and replies to get
included as attachments instead of as simple text. On Monday, Jesse
mentioned on the rt-users list that this problem should be fixed in the
2.0.6 pre-releases.

Well, I’m writing to mention that one of two things is going on, either

  1. It isn’t fixed in 2.0.6 pre 7, or
  2. The update process doesn’t work.

I’m digging to try to figure out which of these is true, but I am having
problems since I’m a bit new to RT2. It looks to me like the root of the
issue is that when you reply or comment from the web interface, the text of
your message gets included as an attachment because of some unnecessary
MIME headers. Specifically, “Content-Disposition: inline” and
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary". When RT2 processes the message for
display, it attempts to display it as if it were an attachment. You get
ugly (and incorrect) notes in the ticket display that the message is a
multi-part message, and if you try to reply to one of those messages then
you get a “Non-text message not quoted” note in your reply, rather than the
quoted message. These MIME headers are included in the outbound mail if
the message is sent out, so this will presumably cause problems with the
various mail user agents that requestors in the field are using too.

So, would anybody mind pointing me in the right direction on this? This
issue is the biggest reason why my organization doesn’t have an RT2
installation in production right now, and we really really want to get
switched from RT1 to RT2. I have been trying to figure out what is going
on, but I can’t. Could somebody describe in a little more detail which
modules and code might pertain to this particular problem? I have been
trying to figure out simple things like what code is used to receive
submitted messages from the web UI, and I am so disoriented by the Mason
design that I’m having trouble even following simple things like that. Is
this problem really supposed to be fixed in 2.0.6 pre 7, or did I
misunderstand something?

Ryan Alyn Porter, President
Endymion Corporation