No recipients found when trying to send external notifications


I admin a RT 4.4.1 instance, running in AWS, which in all other respects is working perfectly.

We need to send an email notification of a ticket being created on a particular queue to both an external supplier and an internal email address. I managed to achieve this by installing the SendEmailAction in our database, and then using the following custom template & scrip, which are applied only to the queue in question:

Template (Name: notification to enquiries)


Subject: {$Ticket->Subject}

A ticket has been created in this queue.





Condition: On Create
Action: Send Email
Template: notification to enquires

This worked fine, until this morning, when a co-worker advised that the internal notifications weren’t coming through. Upon checking postfix, I could see 100’s of undeliverable emails – all stating that the internal email address was unknown. I tracked this down to being because ‘mydestination’ in postfix’s included our email domain, so it was attempting to do a local delivery, which is incorrect as this box doesn’t do our email, just RT. I removed our domain name and restarted postfix, and since then, we don’t get any notifications from that scrip – all I see is “No recipients found. Not sending.” in the syslog.

I’ve amended the back to the original, and it’s still exactly the same. I’ve pored through the rt-users archive and used my best google-fu, but can’t solve it. Anyone have any ideas, or even how I can turn up the logging to see where the error might be occurring ?