No outgoing email


I have just setup a new RT3 system on a Debian/Testing box.

People can send emails to the “support” address and a ticket is
generated in the system but. No notification email is sent nor is anyone
who has CC’d them selves geting update emails.

The only error I am getting is the following logs.

Sep 13 18:28:07 epsilon3 RT: #9/26 - Scrip 2
Sep 13 18:28:08 epsilon3 RT: RT::Scrip=HASH(0x98e15b8): Couldn’t commit
Autoreply To Requestors (/usr/share/perl5/RT/
Sep 13 18:28:08 epsilon3 RT: #9/26 - Scrip 3
Sep 13 18:28:08 epsilon3 RT: RT::Scrip=HASH(0x98f4130): Couldn’t commit
Notify AdminCcs (/usr/share/perl5/RT/
Sep 13 18:28:08 epsilon3 RT: Ticket 9 created in queue ‘General’ by (/usr/share/perl5/RT/

I have tried adding various ACls to everyone and requester e.g. Watch
but I have yet to work out why it isn’t sending out email.

Craig Askings.