No outgoing email from RT3

Hi there,

Could sombody please help me with this problem. My RT installation
doesn’t generate any outgoing email.
Whenever I send an email to my RT installation is is processed and is
entered into the queue. However it doesn’t autoreply and I get the
following in my logs.

Dec 12 15:49:14 epsilon3 RT: #5/11 - Scrip 2
Dec 12 15:49:14 epsilon3 RT: RT::Scrip=HASH(0x9821e4c): Couldn’t commit
Autoreply To Requestors (/usr/share/perl5/RT/

and when I respond to a ticket the following appears in my logs.

Dec 12 15:54:43 epsilon3 RT: #3/12 - Scrip 9
Dec 12 15:54:43 epsilon3 RT: RT::Scrip=HASH(0x958b7ac): Couldn’t commit
Notify Requestors (/usr/share/perl5/RT/

exim4 is my smtp server and this is how I have the relevent sections in

Set($MailCommand , ‘sendmail’);
Set($SendmailArguments , "-oi ");

Any ideas on why this isn’t working?

Craig Askings.

HM, I don’t know much about exim and mail and so on, but I can tell you
that I have exim and my config is like this and everything works great:

Set($MailCommand , ‘sendmailpipe’);
Set($SendmailArguments , “-oi -t”);

I hope it helps