No IP Address Field on Forms


I hope someone can assist with this. I am running RTIR M3 top of RT 3.7.26, apache2, and Postgre SQL 8.3 on Hardy Ubuntu on. None of my forms (i.e., incident reports, incidents, etc.) have a field for entering the IP address. The field name for IP address is on the form but not the actual field.

I am a new user and not very fluent with RT or Linux, but I did dig around the custom fields and relevant html files to find a reference for editing but I can’t seem to find it.

Has anyone else out there had this problem?


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I didn’t have a custom field called _RTIR_IP. I went ahead and created one but the field itself still doesn’t show up in the forms. I believe the forms need to be modified to include this field or linked back to it somehow, but I can’t find a reference anywhere on how to do that.

Any idea?


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Grant ModifyCustomField right to your users on CustomField _RTIR_IP.

DutyTeam group that is created by default during installation of RTIR
has pretty good set of rights to start working with RTIR.