No Autoresponse after migration

Hello community!

I’m new here at the forum, and have a huge problem!
We are haveing RT3.8 since a year and a week ago we migrated the old
Ticketsystem to another server.
The Ticketsystem was installed on the new Server before i changed the config
I have done this with “WinSCP” and putty.exe. After the migration of the
database and refreshing the aliases, it worked that Tickets could get
created and the Client get a “Created-Message” autogenerated from the
Request-Tracker 3.8.
Now the Problem: I thought everything works, but the Client did not get the
Resolve-Message when the ticket get resolved or an answer when i answer to
the Ticket!!!
The configuration at the exchange should work, so i think the mistake is at
the RT.

Can anybody help me??
When it is not enough information, plz ask me what u need more to know.

i hope for answers ans help!

with best regards
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