No autoreply to unprivileged users (webinterface)


my rt-system has a problem with unprivileged users :-/

i thought the autoreply should be triggered whenever a new ticket is
created, no matter if the user is privileged or not. my system replies
only if the ticket is created in the webinterface by a privileged user,
or by mail by any user.

i suspect that this relates to the problem, that i can’t list
unprivileged users (with the “show deactivated users” option checked).
this problem started after i switched from mod_perl2 to mod_fastcgi.

anybody got an idea?

my setup:
redhat 8
rt 3.0.3
rtfm 2.x
apache 2.0.43
mysql 3.23.56-1.80
mod_fastcgi 2.4.0
postfix 1.1.11-5