Next and Prev "buttons" when killing tickets?

I just recently upgraded an RT installation from 2.0. to 2.0.15
and I just noticed that I’m now missing a feature that I used quite
a bit (sadly) before - we receive a bit of spam into our RT system
which we Kill manually - and then it is quite useful to be able
to do a Search, and then when stepping thru the tickets use a
"Kill" action (that I’ve added among the “Open”, “Resolve” etc
actions) on the spams. However - now when I do that the Prev
and Next buttons disappear so after I’ve killed one spam I
have to return to the Search view and then select another spam

I’ve had a quick look at the HTML::Mason code in order to try to
figure out what governs when the prev/next buttons are displayed
but it seems not 100% simple (not as simple as adding a Kill
button is atleast) - has anyone else seen this and added a
workaround for it?

Attached is a patch that will make sure that the Prev/Next buttons
almost always are available - as simple text when not clickable -
so that the screen position of the prev/next buttons doesn’t move
around (makes it easier to find with the mouse that way :slight_smile:

(It also adds the “Kill” action)

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