News. Some bad. Some good

The bad news is that the RT 1 to RT 2 importer still isn’t working properly
for a few folks. It’s not actually integral to RT 2.0.0 running properly,
so it’s been removed from the package. It now lives in my “neat addons for
RT2” archive at .

I’m going to continue to try to track down the bug that people are hitting
and I’m sure it will get licked soon.

Oh. so I promised some good news.

Well, the rest of RT 2.0 has actually gotten to the point where I’m ready
to release it to the world. It gives me great pleasure (and great relief)
to announce the immediate availability of RT 2.0.0-RC1. This is the first
release candidate for RT 2.0.0. If no critical bugs are found before June 27,
I will change the version number in the Makefile and release this same code
as 2.0.0.


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And I’m told we do share some common rituals. Our “flame war” is apparently
held in person in their land and called “project meeting”.
-Alan Cox [on “Suits”]