Newcomer's questions - Using RT across multiple workgroups

Here at Computing & Communications (C&C) at the University of Washington
in Seattle, WA, we are looking closely at Request Tracker for trouble
ticket management across multiple workgroups within C&C (client services,
telephones, network operations, security operations, applications
monitoring, etc.). We hope to do it such that each workgroup has the
configuration flexibility it needs, yet still be able to pass tickets back
and forth among workgroups as needed.

Therefore, we are interested in contacting people using RT across
multiple workgroups, particularly at research oriented higher education
institutions. Best Practical suggested we post a message to this list.

If you are interested, please answer the following questions by email
(reply off-list to me at Or, if you prefer, we
could interview you by telephone or video conference.


  1. What made you decide to go with Request Tracker (RT)?

  2. What platform(s) are you running RT on?

  3. How many concurrent users is your RT implementation
    configured for?

  4. What sort of workgroups are using RT in your organization?

  5. Have the workgroups implemented their own independent
    instances of RT, or is there a central system shared
    across the workgroups?

  6. How much time was spent on basic workflow definition when
    you began?

  7. How much time was spent implementing your RT installation?

  8. What did your RT project planning and implementation team
    look like?

  9. Did you do one big install or a phased installation of RT, one
    workgroup at a time? What approach would you recommend?

  10. What does your RT ongoing management team look like?

  11. Did you have Best Practical help you get started with RT?
    If so, what was that like and how well did that work for

  12. What is there about RT that is not working the way you
    thought it would?

  13. If you were going to do your RT planning and
    implementation again, what would you do differently?

  14. What lessons learned from your implementation can
    you share with us?

  15. What other tools have you integrated with RT, such
    as databases, report writers, etc.

  16. Can we contact you for an interview, or maybe a site
    visit? If so, please provide contact information.

Thanks for your time. Sorry for so many questions; this project
is important for us.

Rick Ells
Trouble Ticket Software Evaluation Project

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