Newbie wanting to see the history on reply

Hi all,

Today we went live with RT! It’s pretty darn awesome! I’m wondering if
there is an extension though that might be able to do what I want. I did
look through the extensions list, the wiki and searched on Google, but
might not be using the right words phrases.

We migrated from Bugzilla to RT and when you replied to a ticket in
Bugzilla you could see the history of the ticket right there. So I’ve
gotten used to being able to see what people said (myself and others) in
the past on the ticket. I know that you can reply and then see the reply
in the editor box, but the entire history isn’t always there (depending on
how you replied) and I don’t really want the entire history in the body of
the message anyway.

So, does anyone know of a plugin/extension that will show me a preview of
the previous discussion on the ticket off to the side or below the
comment/reply box? Right now I’m opening the reply window in a new tab so
I can go back and forth.

Thanks a ton!

Nicole C. Engard
Vice President of Education
ByWater Solutions**

What is Koha?

Passed 7 years, but in my opinion this issue is still relevant.

Looked RT 5.0 video demo and looks like it is still not included

My use case: sometimes in a reply you have to checkout what happened in a long conversation, sometimes you figured out while replying. Or previous fragments lost in the conversation that you want to copy-paste, or to re-read while you are writing the reply.

Thanks for reading

Cant you just put the ShowHistory bits from Display.html, into the RightColumnBottom Callback on the Update.html page. We use it for the first history entry and it works