New wiki article: "OnCreateAddGroupCcs" and question on RTFM

I reworked somebody’s “OnCreateSetDeptHeadCc” scrip to fit my needs; by
turning the logic on its head, I now have a scrip that will add the
members of a given group to the CC list of a ticket. (Group members who
are already associated with the ticket as CCs or Requestors will not be
added again.)

Now here’s a question that was sort of prompted by the wiki editing
process, but is also a minor itch for which I’ve been meaning to find an
appropriate scratcher:

Is there any way to configure RTFM to send an email to an
arbitrarily-defined list of folks whenever an article is added or
updated? I’d really like to be able to notify the field SEs and some
other folks whenever we add a new technote and/or update an existing


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