New to scrips, slightly less new to Perl

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Here’s a brief rundown:

I have a custom field with three values. I’ve created the field with
the validation set to “(?#Mandatory)”. However, when an ticket is
received, this field is not set to any default value. In fact, the only
time the mandatory validation comes into play is after the value is
manually set after receiving the ticket.

I would like to create a scrip that will set it to a default value as
soon as the ticket is created. I’ve started by creating a scrip with
the following information:

Description: Set Animal
Condition: On Create
Action: User Defined
Template: Global template: transaction
Stage: Disabled (will be set to TransactionCreate after I
figure out what I’m doing)

Being new to scrips and just slightly less new to Perl I decided to read
the section of RT Essentials that deals with them. However, I’m unable
to figure out precisely how to go about what I need to do. As far as I
can ascertain, I need a line that says something along the lines of

my $SetCustomField = ($self->TicketObj->CustomFieldValue);

However, there are several .pm files (modules?) in the rt3/lib/RT that
have CustomField in the name. Which of these am I supposed to refer to
(I assume as a ‘use’ statement) and is the above line the proper start
to what I want to do?

I’m not asking for someone to write a scrip for me as I need to know
this anyway. However, I will likely be asking numerous questions until
I get it right so I ask that you have patience with me during my
learning period.


Mathew Snyder
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