New to RT have couple of questions please help

Hello folks, I am new to RT and have couple of questions.

1- is the there ova file download available for RT so I can import that with virtualbox for testing?
2- We have 2 RT instances running in the cloud how do we sync those together? is there a script of config that needs to be changed or it will be done through cloud load balancing option?

Please let me know thanks in advance!

I don’t know about the first question but I would think so long as the RT’s shared a database they would stay in sync that way

Hi knation thx for your response our instances running in the cloud so do we need to sync the db’s? they are in two diffrent locations for redundancy. Is there a script available for the sync?



I do not think having two separate databases will work, I think it would end up causing a lot of problems. Looking through some older forum questions it looks like people have shared a MySQL instance and ran two RT to split the front-end load before though.

I will say I am not 100% on this though so it may be possible

Hmmm if i understand correctly we need spin up another mysql cloud db instance and shared that database with our existing rt instances?

Hi we been getting the cross site forgery warnings any idea how do we fix this?

That error means that in your file (Usually located /opt/rt4/etc/) you do not have the correct configuration for $WebDomain and WebPort.