New tickets being emailed to random people

I have the AutoAssign scrip working, and suspect it may be part of this

I have several queues that are set up to autoassign every new ticket to
me and only me. This works fine; a new ticket is created and I become
the owner. However, for some weird reason the first emails from RT to
inform me about the ticket also invariably go to one of three people who
are autoassigned tickets from two other queues. The tickets do not get
assigned to them, they just seem to get cc’d on the first emails. Even
weirder, my name appears in the “to” field repeatedly in these cases.
For example:


[ #122]
Need Norton
Install on Desktop
at some point
Thu, 27 Mar 2003
16:20:27 -0500

Thu Mar 27 16:20:23 2003: Request 122 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by bclaydon
Queue: Desktops
Owner: omehegan
Status: new
Ticket <URL: >
Need Norton AV installed on this desktop at some point please.

Why was that ticket “sent” to me six times? I only actually receive one
email, but it’s still very weird. The times that the emails also go to
other random people are more annoying. The other email addresses are not
mentioned anywhere in the config for the queues in question, so I can’t
figure out where RT is getting them from. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Owen B. Mehegan
Perseus Development Corp.