New RTx::EmailCompletion and poll for the next release


The new RTx::EmailCompletion should hit your store in the next few
hours : Nicolas Chuche (NCHUCHE) - See below for changes.

I’ve got some ideas for the next releases but would like to have your own :

  • parameter to show other fields than email in autocompletion list
    (Name, Address, …)
  • add other auto completion fields (link ticket with completion on subject)
  • add a context menu in tickets list to link directly to ticket subsections

As you can see, that’s not only about email completion so feel free
add other things you would like to have in…

Main Changes for 0.03 are :

  • allow searching on fields other than email (Kevin Falcone && Best Practical)
  • LDAP autocompletion (emails LDAP background color in light grey)
  • optimisation in the match privileged/unprivileged criteria (faster
    than the if … elsif … else inside the loop)