New release for RTx::Calendar and RTx::EmailCompletion

I’ve just upload on cpan new version of those two RT plugins. See
below for changes.

As I no longer work as a sysadmin, I no longer work daily with RT (but
I enjoy the SelfService access :)). I will try to maintain thoses
modules but with far less time to do that so if someone is interessed
in maintaining them, feel free to send me a mail.

Changes for RTx-Calendar 0.07

  • add documentation on how to enable plugin in rt 3.8 and later
  • add configuration to show owner in calendar (Shawn M Moore)
  • make the popup display fields configurable (Shawn M Moore)
  • tickets and reminders types (todo/event) are configurable in ical feed

Changes for RTx-EmailCompletion 0.06

  • add autocompletion in the new “forward a message” page
  • bugfixes