New install of RT5 - importing data from 3.6


I have a brand new fresh install of RT5 on a new box. I’d like to import the data from my old RT3 (3.6.7) system (different server). I’m hoping it’s a simple matter of doing the following:-

  • backup rt3 database
  • restore rt3 database into rt5 database
  • run make upgrade-database

Am I on the right path here?


Thats the general idea, you will also want to read through all the upgrade notes here:

to see if any configs/plugins you have need to change

Thank you.

Now if I could only get this mysql dump to stop failing!

Running out of mem on the server?

It doesn’t appear so. I gave it more as a test and it fails at the exact same spot after 10-15 seconds.

mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query when dumping table Attachments at row: 44697