New form page in RT env

Dear Dev community,
I would like to add a completely new form page inside RT.
I created it and I liked it unde Admin->Tools->NewsForm.

My problem is this:
when I submit the form to a self made perl script (very simple, it shows
only 1 info)
I’m able to see the result only after the first submission and ONLY AFTER I
restarted the service and cleaned the cache
but WITHOUT refreshing the form page.
In all the other cases it doesn’t give me an error, it simply doesn’t pass
the values.

This happens if I integrate the perl code into the form or if I create
another script file or if I use the callback.

I tried to find a solution inside the web without success.
Can you help me to figure out why this happens?
I’m quite sure I’m not using the system in an appropriate way.
Thank you very much in advance.

Luca M.