Need some help with Callbacks

I’m trying to create a callback and it seems like it’s not being
called. I’m at the point where I’m second-guessing myself and trying
all kinds of crazy things. I have some basic questions to ask to make
sure I’m doing this the right way.

The callback I’m creating is ModifyDisplay, inside

The callback file should be located at
, right?

All I have in the callback right now is this:

$RT::Logger->debug( ‘inside ModifyDisplay callback’ );

$text => undef
$Transaction => undef

Should this log something in /opt/rt3/var/log/rt.log every time it’s
called? I’m not seeing anything in the lot file, so I’m wondering
what I’m doing wrong.

Whenever I make a change to a callback, I stop Apache, remove
everything under /opt/rt3/var/mason_data/obj and start Apache back up.

I’m running RT 3.4.2.

What am I missing?

  • Grant Miller