Need some example configs

When I first setup RT I tried to use the alias command in httpd.conf, but could not get it to work. I would appreciate example syntax needed for httpd.conf and RT is located in /opt/rt2/… The URL I want to use is

If it helps the problem I had was I would get an initial login page, and get to the start page, but when I would click on a link I would get a broken path, and could not get pages to come up.

Raymond Norton

Patience, patience…

As for your earlier question, did you read and reconfigure Look
in there for a setting called “$WebPath”.

Also, the more specific your question is, the easier it is for someone to
notice something they think they might know. But when you say “when I would
click on a link I would get a broken path,” it’s hard to know what the exact
problem is. If you would say, “when I would click on a link (Configuration
from the main page) I would get sent to
instead of …”, one could see a problem
more easily.

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I am surprised on how little response I get when posting questions. I
thought that helping people was what this list was for. If you care to help
you can see my previous message from today.

Raymond Norton