Named saved searches?


Saved searches are absolutely great. Love’em! Wouldn’t want to click
without 'em!


Is there an easy way to get the name of the saved search reflected in
the page title? In other words, I have a bunch of saved searches like
"Chris’s open tickets" but when I click on them, the page title is
"Found 12 tickets" which is a little confusing, since I tend to want to
open them in side-by-side Firefox tabs and I’d like to be able to see at
a glance which tab corresponds to which search. (Also useful for saving
bookmarked searches without having to manually edit the bookmark
descriptions, which is something I’d like to have happen e.g. in my
manager’s browser.)

In a similar vein, it’d be Really Nice™ if saving a .tsv file
generated from a named search saved the file as something like " .tsv" instead of “Results.tsv”. Any thoughts on
how to get this working?

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