Mysterious string appearing in email subject lines in RT2

A while back, I created some action scrips which I was using to tweak the
subject line
contents of outgoing email messages. I used these scrips only in a test
The scrips would insert a unique string into email subject lines so that I
easily identify email messages that had come from my scrips.

I abandoned the effort after a while. I cleaned up the new scrips. The
unique strings
I created no longer appear in any action scrip on my site though the new
scrips still

My question/problem is twofold:

  1. Occasionally (not always), I still see an email generated by RT that
    contains the
    unique string. I have no idea where this could be coming from. As I said,
    it’s no
    longer in any scrip. Where else might it be hiding? Was there some state
    when I installed the scrips? This is a big problem because the added unique
    in the subject lines cause replies from customers to be misinterpreted as
    new requests.

  2. I used install scripts to get RT to recognize the new action scrips I had
    Now, they still show up in the pop-up list of action scrips. Does anyone
    have the
    analogue of an install script that removes action scrips from RT’s database?
    This is
    a relatively minor housekeeping issue (unless it’s the key to solving
    problem 1 above).

Thanks, as always.

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