MySQL to Postgre Migration

Currently running on a local mysql instance and looking to move the RT database over to a central Postgres database.

I’ve seen plenty of people asking about this but haven’t really seen concrete answers about going from one database to another, aside from a very old topic mentioning that the data was stored differently in the two and couldn’t easily be converted but that might be extremely out of date. Other posts seem to indicate it’s as simple as taking a backup and restoring it though whether that applies to a different database isn’t clear.

I also can’t seem to find any backup documentation newer than v4.4.4: Backups - RT 4.4.4 Documentation - Best Practical and doesn’t seem present in any of the current documentation: RT 5.0.4 Documentation - Best Practical

Running 5.0.2 but planning to upgrade RT to 5.0.4 before doing anything else, any advice appreciated!

The docs have a section on this:

Huh I don’t know how I missed that but thankyou very much for pointing it out!