Mysql_socket to specify location of socket MySQL socket file

I’m running two mysql servers for two installations of RT.

I run them on separate ports and with separate socket files. I cannot
tell RT to use the right socket file so I cannot use localhost as the
hostname of the mysql server, intstead I specify the hostname and the
port number. I believe this has a speed penalty

In perldoc DB::mysql I notice there is a parameter mysql_socket I tried
adding this to lib.RT/Handle and to but it didn’t work. Any

I’m running on Solaris 2.7.

Thanks, Michael

$self->SUPER::Connect(Host => $RT::DatabaseHost,
Database => $RT::DatabaseName,
User => $RT::DatabaseUser,
Password => $RT::DatabasePassword,
Port => $RT::DatabasePort,
Driver => $RT::DatabaseType,
mysql_socket => $RT::DatabaseSocket,
RequireSSL => $RT::DatabaseRequireSSL,

Michael Thompson