Mysql/mariadb returns wrong utf8 for TT: 'Wide character in FCGI::Stream::PRINT'

Como esta, dev-apps-bugzilla?

I rose a question at
but seem no qualified help. As a remind, the question is: there are three sides to seem responsible, whom should I ask best?

I put this here because the inpact is a somewhat deeper and here is the scoop:

As a result, if you just don’t care what you send to DBD::mysql as a sql, or to T::T as a variable to put in-place, the ‘correct’ utf8::encode’d utf-8 stringor the octets , it’s typically the ‘wrong’ utf-8 string. Sad to say, the DBD::mysql supplies values this way from database, too.

If, again, you use the ‘typical’ kind of solution, which the ‘set names’ on the code is.
As a fact the my one, the ‘worksforme’ solution aforementioned is ‘correct’ for such a case. E. g., I use to patch my bugzilla to replace ‘set names utf8’ in favour of dsn line change on every upgrade required by security. I believe RT users suffer from the same.

Thanks for attention.

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