MySQL Cluster for RT3.x


i’m just a step away from migrating our RT Environment from a dual prozessor
single system to a fully clustered system with 4 nodes. Let me in fron
explain my new. planned setup:

2 Web Server (apache, perl) with 2 Processors and 2 GB RAM installed on
RedHat Enterprise Server as Cluster
2 Database Server (MySQL Max) with 4 processors and 4 gb RAM installed on
RedHat Enterprise Server using MySQL Cluster.

I have planned to use the both DB Servers as Storage Nodes for MySQL and the
WebServer Cluster as Management Node (Because, in this way, the management
Node is also clustered).

Now my questions for the RT and MySQL Freaks.

  1. The RT3 needs InnoDB as Table Format, the Cluster needs NDBCluster
    Format, can i run also InnoDB within the Cluster?

  2. Is RT3 working with the Cluster (NDB) Table Format?

  3. More for the MySQL Freak: Can i set up the Cluster in this way? Can i use
    the SQL Node on the same nodes (Storage Nodes) or do i have to move them to
    the Management Node?

Thanks for the Help.

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