Mute notify requestor on resolve? (almost got it!)


I’m looking for help with “Mute notify requestor on resolve". I pieced something together from previous threads but I’m missing the last piece of the puzzle.

I have implemented this through a custom field and custom scrip and it is working. I’m also using the “edit custom field on reply/comment” extension. Works perfect if I change “Notify requestor on resolve?” to “No”, click update, then resolve; no email gets sent. HOWEVER I’d like to do this in one fell swoop, so…

Here is the issue: if I try to set the custom field “Notify requestor on resolve?” to “No” and change the status to “Resolved” at the same time, the resulting ticket history shows in this order:

  1. Ticket changed to resolved.
  2. Outgoing email recorded.
  3. Notify requestor on resolve? changed to “No”.

Custom condition for Notify requestor on resolve scrip:
my $txn = $self->TransactionObj;
my $type = $txn->Type;
return 0 unless $type eq “Status”
|| ( $type eq ‘Set’ && $txn->Field eq ‘Status’);
return 0 unless $txn->NewValue eq “resolved”;
return 0 if $self->TicketObj->FirstCustomFieldValue(“Notify requestor on resolve?”) eq “No”;
return 1;

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Roman Massey

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Move the Notify scrip to being in stage Batch. This will mean it won’t
appear in the preview of outgoing notifications on the ticket Reply
page, but will have access to the complete, updated, ticket when it

  • Alex