Multiple ticket issue using RT and Fetchmail


We are currently running RT 4.0.12 along with fetchmail 6.3.18 6.3.18+GSS+NTLM+SDPS+SSL+NLS+KRB5 and are getting an issue that causes RT to create multiple tickets sometimes.

We are using fetchmail to get the emails from our exchange server. There isn’t much in the fetchmail log when this happens and RT seems to be running fine.

Here is an example of the fetchmail log:

fetchmail: No mail for teamone at
fetchmail: No mail for teamone-comments at
1 message for teamtwo at
reading message of 1 (1235 header octets) (3052643 body octets) not flushed
fetchmail: No mail for teamtwo-comments at
fetchmail: No mail for teamthree at
fetchmail: No mail for teamthree-comments at
fetchmail: No mail for teamfour at
fetchmail: No mail for teamfour-comments at

Sometimes the email eventually flushes, but sometimes it doesn’t and we have to remove the email from the inbox of the account. We currently have a cron job running every minute to run fetchmail. What happens here is when the email does not flush, RT still gets the content and creates the ticket, but the email is not removed from the inbox. Then when the corn runs again fetchmail again picks up the email sends it to RT mailgate, but is unable to flush the email out of the inbox again.

This seems to have started happening either when we updated our exchange servers or when we made a minor upgrade of RT from 4.0.6 to 4.0.12. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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