Multiple rtnames

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What I’m talking about is the following subject, $rtname .

SUBJECT LINE: [ #9] AutoReply: testing
I hope this clears up what I’m looking for.
I have looked through the archives and found 2 emails in August 2001 with
reference to this, but looking through every month is pretty difficult, if
there was a search function available it would make life a lot easier.

Right on! Yeah a search would be nice.

Post I found…

Okay, Christian raises an interesting solution. I don’t know that it was
ever implemented. Here is my idea:
Set $rtname in to something generic like "Trouble Tickets"
Then go into your templates and add a line like this:
"Subject: – {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name} – "
and remove any references to $rtname.

This should make your subject appear like this:

Or whatever else you have set in the subject.



Ron Alexander wrote:

Set $rtname in to something generic like “Trouble Tickets”

and watch things fall apart when you exchange email with another
entity who’s chosen the same arbitrary $rtname.

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