Multiple REST requests, slow results

Hi there,

I’ve been working on a web app that does a lot of REST requests
to RT. Recently, I’ve been assigned the task of adding rich text/html
capabilities to the web app ( textareas+ckeditor ).
I have completed the task but now the web app takes more time than it used
to in order to display a ticket.

I found out that RT stores html content as an attachment so
now there’s an additional web request per each ticket transaction
(1 web request per ticket transaction per attachment).

If the attachment is ‘text/html’, I change the content of the ticket

I know the additional web requests is taking a toll on the response time.
I would like to know if my approach is the right one or if there are better
alternatives …

I have been thinking that maybe a solution would be to use simultaneous
http requests using ‘curl_multi_init()’ for the attachments.

Another idea is to show only a few transactions first and then using ajax I
could retrieve more transactions when the user scrolls down to
the end of the list …

Any help will be appreciated

Hugo Escobar

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