Moving database to new server

I’m having problems moving rt3 database to another machine (both
on the production RT I did:

mysqldump -uroot -ppassword --opt rt3 > dump.sql

on the new machine I did:

make initialize-database

(database rt3 successfully created - RT webinterface works with empty

mysql -uroot -ppassword rt3 < dump.sql

I checked if the data was imported by doing:


mysql> use rt3;
mysql> select * from tickets;

(a list of all tickets is shown - data imported succesfully…)

but… opening webbrowser and surfing to the RT website shows no data -
still an empty database

did I miss something here ?

Any help appreciated,

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I ran into this recently, but i was upgrading to the latest rt when i
moved to the new server instead of keeping same version. instead of
using make initialize-db i just created an empty db using mysqladmin,
then imported, and then I ran rt-setup-databse as needed to fix the
schemas, acl, and inserts (i upgraded from 3.0.8 to 3.4.4, the README
for 3.4.4 explains how to fix changes using the provided script).
I also had to play around with mysqldump options.
oh, i also had to change the max packet size for mysql on new server,
among other Innodb settings.

what does your mysql log say anyway?