Moving a CF in the web interface

Is it possible to move custom fields’ placement in the 3.8.1 web interface, to make them feel better integrated? For example we use priority and severity (a custom field) as two ways to classify tickets and would like to place them next to each other in the basics section in the ticket metadata, instead of priority in basics and severity in the custom fields section.

-WayneKenneth Crocker wrote:


When creating a Ticket CF, one of the steps is to choose which Queues
to “Apply” it to. If it is Global, then you navigate to
Configuration->Global->Custom Fields and in that screen each CF you
check will be Global, meaning it is applied to ALL queues. I can’t
comment on how you use them or your code, as I haven’t seen it. But
that’s how to apply a CF.


On 11/17/2008 2:17 PM, Ernesto Hernandez-Novich wrote:

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 10:20 -0700, Kenneth Crocker wrote:

What you are talking about is a Queue-specific reference number. Not
hard to do. For every queue that needs this, define the CF with an
appropriate name for a specific Queue (I believe in 3.8.1 you can define
Queue-level CF’s that do NOT have to be on a ticket.

I’m using 3.6 and can’t upgrade to 3.8 for the time being.

I’ve used ‘my-seq’ and ‘my-val’ as CFs. The former is supposed to hold
the last used value while the latter holds the value for the current
ticket. I created both CFs as applying to Tickets; if I understand
correctly ‘my-seq’ should be a “per queue” CF but I can’t find a way to
do that in 3.6

You then write a Queue-level script that examines a transaction and if the type
is a create, and it is for one of the Queues that needs this CF, then
pull the CF for THAT “Queue” and add 1 to it and then put that new
number back in the “Queue-level” CF and also insert it into the new
ticket in that queue. Hope this helps.

I wrote a scrip that reads my-seq, increments it and then stores it in
both fields. When I create a new ticket, both fields end up with the
same value, the problem being that ‘my-seq’ behaves like it’s undefined
for every ticket, so all my tickets end up with 1 stored in my-seq and
my-val. I think ‘my-seq’ is different for every ticket, instead of being
a singleton.

Ideas or suggestions?

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