Moved RT to another server, can't add users

I’ve moved my instance of RT 3.6.5 from one RHEL5 server to another
RHEL5 server, copying over the Mysql database and my
Everything looks good with the old tickets and I’m able to create new
tickets, emails are working.

The only problem I’ve found is that my users are “somewhat” hidden. If
I go into any ticket and want to adjust the ownership of a ticket,
nothing is listed, just “nobody”.

However, I can login as my user into RT and take ownership of a ticket
and that shows up correctly with me as the owner.

I thought the problem might be “old” users, so I create a new user with
RT permissions. This new user doesn’t show up under the configuration
and “Privileged Users”

Any suggestions?


Eric J. Feldhusen
Director of Technology
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