More: RT3 / Redhat 9 / Storable.xs Error

Okay all,

Things that don’t make a difference:

using Perl 5.8.1

using Perl 5.x.x with multithread off

using Storable 2.02 - 2.07

compiling Perl with large (64-bit) integers or floating point

using 8 byte pointers

thats all for nowFrom: “Vincent J. Bono”
To: “Hulsman, MJ (Mike)”;
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 8:06 AM
Subject: Re: [rt-users] RT3 / Redhat 9 / Storable.xs Error

Hi Mike,

Yes, I have tried that. No love.

Things I have tried:

export LANG=C

backing storable down to 2.04

compiling perl-5.8.0-88 for non-multithreaded

now trying perl 5.8.1


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To: “Vincent J. Bono”;
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Subject: RE: [rt-users] RT3 / Redhat 9 / Storable.xs Error

Try to stop apache first
Then do an export LANG=C, start apache
That is working for me.
When my LANG=en_US… the Storable gives an error.( not always at the

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Van: Vincent J. Bono []
Verzonden: woensdag 23 juli 2003 6:53
Onderwerp: [rt-users] RT3 / Redhat 9 / Storable.xs Error

Hello All,

Has anyone yet found a solution to the Storable issue under RedHat 9?

I have noted a few other packages on the web with this same
type of error
but no fixes yet.


error: Assertion flags == 0 failed: file
"Storable.xs", line 2342 at
blib/lib/ (autosplit into
blib/lib/auto/Storable/ line

  [blib/lib/ (autosplit into

[blib/lib/ (autosplit into

[/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/HTML/Mason/], at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Apache/Session/Serialize/Storab line 21

  context:  ...
        187:  # whether they should generate a full stack trace

(confess() and cluck())
188: # or simply report the caller’s package (croak() and
carp()), respectively.
189: # confess() and croak() die, carp() and
cluck() warn.
191: sub croak { die shortmess @_ }
192: sub confess { die longmess @_ }
193: sub carp { warn shortmess @_ }
194: sub cluck { warn longmess @_ }

  code stack:  /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/
  blib/lib/ (autosplit into

blib/lib/ (autosplit into
blib/lib/ (autosplit into


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Hi Vincent,

Had a lot of Problems with AxKit (something different) on Red Hat 9,
which finally showed that the Perl shipping with Red Hat 9 was corrupt.

So I wrote a small installation documentation which includes a clean
installation of Perl. Even though it is not in the documentation I have
HTML::Mason running fine on that system and so far no module
installation was impossible.

You can find the documentation at:

Maybe your problem can be solved if you just change LANG in
/etc/sysconfig/i18n and relogin before you recompile perl.

I haven’t had the time to test an installation of RT on that system,
but I am quite sure it could be easily done.

If that solves your problem please let me know, if not please let me
know, so that I can do a RT3 test installation on the test-system in

If that goes absolutely the wrong way I am sorry fpr wasting your time.



Am Mittwoch, 23.07.03, um 21:55 Uhr (Europe/Paris) schrieb Vincent J.