More issues on International characters with RT 3.0.3pre3


We’ve upgraded to the last pre release (RT 3.0.3pre3) and still have some
probles with the encodings.

We’ve noticed differences with several user mail agents: With Eudora, Outlook
Express and Netscape Messenger (included in Netscape 7) everything goes well,
but with webmail programs like Endymion mailman, Yahoo Email or Hotmail there
are strange behaviours.

Sending a mail with a Subject: �������
and with the same characters in the body gives different results.

With Mailman you will see how the subject dissaperars in the tickets list and
the body has a strange encoding. But the whole ticket is stored in the
database, subject included.

The same mail with mailman is seen with no subject, despite the fact it was
stored, and RT does a good work displaying correctly the body.

Hotmail messages arrive with correct body and subject, but we realized looking
at the headers, the subject has a strange encoding.

To sum up, looking at the Tickets and Transactions tables has show us that
there are differences in the encoding stored at the database (MySQL).

Does anyone has a clue?


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