Modifying UI labels and screen elements

Hi all,

I am new to using RT, and running version 3.8.2. I have looked through
the mailing list archives and online documentation, but I haven’t found
an answer to my question, perhaps you can point me in the right
direction - I may have missed the right HOWTO/Readme…
I would like to modify some or RT’s labels in the web UI, e.g. changing
"RT at a glance" to “Overview”, and renaming “ticket” to “request”, and
also removing some of the UI elements (some dropdown boxes for example).
Since these are mostly ‘cosmetic changes’, I am sure this is possible,
but how would I go about it ? Is there a configuration file for the
label names somewhere, or would I have to change the Perl code and
redeploy ?

Thanks for your help !