Modifying RT for Telco Use?

Hi Folks;

I’ve been playing around with RT for a few months now, and I really like
it. Having some 911 problems on the campus the other day (Shhhh…don’t
tell anyone), I saw the layout for a Telco Phone Ticket, and I’m in love
with the layout and information that it contains.

My general questions are:

1.) How easy/hard would it be to modify RT to store additional
information? I can already see at the very minimum three additional
tables going into the schema: phnumber (containing the telephone number,
TEC [type of equipment class], SFC [service feature class], RSC
[Restricted Service Class], a critical circuit flag, an ID for the
person who last modified the record, and notes about the number),
equipment (Type of equipment/Cable runs, how many pairs it can handle,
location of equipment, and an ID for the person who last modified the
record), and Circuit (Circuit ID, Extension, Equipment, Location on
Equipment [e.g., cable pair of feeder or RDF], Critical Circuits, Data
Circuits, Accounting Information, Memo about Number, and the Last Person
who Modified the record.

2.) What type of "perl-hacking’ skills am I going to need to do this?
I’m a junior in CS here at the university; I know C and C++, and my perl
experience is limited to a “Perl for Dummies” and “Teach yourself Perl
in 24 hours” type of knowledge. Obviously, this doesn’t qualify me as a
perlmonk, but I’d like to know how much more learning I’m going to have
to do before I do this.

3.) Is there an interface to plot the information in a tool (such as
RRDTool?) I’d like to be able to see which techs have how many tickets
and what the average resoloution time per tech is.

Also, is there any interest for this? I’m going to release my
modifications (if/when it compiles correctly) under the GPL, but if
you’ve got perlmonk status and don’t mind dealing with a
wet-behind-the-ears-work-my-butt-off kind of guy helping with coding,
I’d love to hear from you.


Ian Wilson
Communications Services Technician, Ohio Northern University
Network Dude, International Sports Agency - A Division of Remani