Modifying RT Email Address Question


I am trying to get RT to send out email in a specific form and have
been unable to do so to this point. I’m writing to the list in hopes
that someone else has solved this problem or can point me in the right

I have a Linux system running RT with an IP address of
This IP address is actually listed as and
it’s also listed in (depending on the nameserver
used). This IP address is tied to RT specifically (meaning that the
Apache/RT configuration can failover to one of three machines).

Here is a brief description of my environment

Physical Host A = (hostname =
Physical Host B = (hostname =
Physical Host C = (hostname =

RT Service = (

These names are according to the nameserver authoritative for

When a ticket is created, email goes out as it should. When I open
the email it shows “Lastname, Firstname via RT

Since is tied to RT, I want the change the email so that
when someone replies it goes to

In other words I want the ticket to read as follows:
“Lastname, Firstname via RT []”

I don’t really want to make a global sendmail change. What I want to
do is make a change such that when RT sends tickets out, it shows the
shorter domain.

Let me know if this does not make sense and I’ll try to do a better
job explaining.

  • Tim