Modelling customer web access: Give rights to group of tickets to one or more users


I am using RT to track requests for a couple of customers
which might consist of one or more persons/email addresses.

I would like to provide a web based view to all tickets
of a given customer wich is as independent of CC users
as possible.
To put it another way: I would like to configure the
following properties independently:

  • The list of users which receive correspondence via email.
  • The property of a ticket to show up in a customers
    web interface.

Tickets for customer A might have one or more CC users,
consisting of one or more employees of customer A as well
as external addresses.

Some manager of that company should be able to see all
open tickets of that company, wether he is (email-)cc
of that ticket or isn’t.

First try:
Custom fields: One for tickets to assign them a
company identifier and one for users which marks
them as a user which should be able to see all tickets
marked with his company.

But I did not manage to grant any rights based on
custom fields.

Second try:
I created a group for a company which needs this kind
of accumulated web access and added that group as a CC
to every ticket of that company.
Now I’d need to put every person into that group to
give that person access to that set of tickets.

But now an email gets sent on correspondence to each
Cc which includes email addresses of members of that group.
But I’d like to have visibility in the web interface for
a user and emails sent to that user separate.

Any ideas how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance and
with best regards

Florian Hinzmann

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The second way is the closest one. You just have to split people with
different mailing preferences and rights into three role groups: requestors,
ccs and adminccs.

If three groups is not enough then you have to wait for "custom role groups"
feature to be implemented. No idea when this would happen.

Regards, Ruslan. From phone.