Missing email recipients

hey folks,

i’m facing a issue like this, this is the scenario,

user A create a ticket adding user B as CC, then email notification sends to user A stating ticket has been created. when user A reply to that ticket, user B gets a email notification stating ticket information but in email headers user B only see cc recipient only, he or she cannot see who are the other parties in that ticket.

how can i avoid this situation and make CC parties also see other recipients on that thread?


Are the Cc’ed users appearing in the To: header of the emails as opposed to the Cc: header? Looking at lib/RT/Action/Notify.pm it would appear that it promotes Cc’ed users to the To: header if the email doesn’t already have anyone in the To:. In other words, are there actually other recipients of the emails?

for the first question, Ccs not appearing in To headers, it doesn’t promotes cc users to to in my case, but if there is only one requester and that requester one who created the ticket plus reply to that same ticket, due to notifyactor configuration it won’t send email of actor cause he/she performing the reply. due to this there no recipients on To header, i want cc user to see who are the requesters.

Trying adding this to the end of the “Correspondence in HTML” global template:

{ my $users = $Ticket->Requestors->UserMembersObj; my $output = ''; while( my $user = $users->Next ) { $output .= ', ' if $output; $output .= $user->Name . ' &lt;' . $user->EmailAddress . '&gt;'; } $output = 'Requestors: ' . $output; $output; }

This should list the requestors under the message which goes to the Cc’ed users (or at least it does on our RT installation! :wink:).